Beauty Finds for Mom and a GIVEAWAY!

Mother’s Day is sneaking up! What have you bought YOUR mom? My mama is one of those that says she doesn’t need anything. Real helpful. So, I usually buy her a few trays of flowers and redo her flower beds for her each year. But not every mama would appreciate something they have to take care of! (She never complains! Yay!)

So for those who like to pamper, I’ve put together a quick list of gifts to make mom feel good and look good. Those go hand in hand, ya know?

I threw in a few of my own favorites I personally own and LOVE! Hang in there with me to the end of the post for an awesome giveaway as well!


1. Indie Lee – Rosehip Cleanser

Mom will want to start each day with a fresh face! This is the most gentle cleanser I’ve EVER tried. And I’ve tried thousands of dollars worth! It has a gel texture and a very light rose scent. Mom will love it! I don’t even like rose scented products but this one made the cut!


2. Rodan + Fields – Sunless Tanning Foam 

Mom is probably smart enough not to leave her skin unprotected in the sun, but she likes the sun-kissed look. This sunless tanner foam is a lightweight and oil-free formula that’s easy to apply and dries quickly on your skin. It’s also a great moisturizer.


3. Eye Puffiness Roller

I think this one is self-explanatory. Mom’s don’t get much sleep. If they have grown children- they have lost YEARS of sleep and totally deserve all the pampering now! Lol. This formula also includes a boost of caffeine!

There are many brands and options out there- pick the one that best suits your mom, then snag one for yourself. HA!

download (1)

4. Perfume – Dolce and Gabbana, Light Blue

While perfume won’t improve your looks or boost Mom’s energy level- it does make you feel nice to smell nice! I personally love Light Blue! Beware, though- this is a one spray fragrance. Don’t over do it!


5. Matilda Jane Clothing – Cosmetic Bag Set

This set is perfect for the items Mom already has and the gifts you are giving! This set includes two cosmetic bags- one large, one small and a mirror. (They also hold those tiny Shopkins that end up in every corner of the house- but that’s besides the point.) Mom can also use these for travel- they are perfect size!

6. Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Kit

I used this kit a few months ago and was so impressed by the custom trays- I had always used strips or the one size fits all(which totally does NOT mean they fit ALL!). These are made just for YOUR mouth. No drooling all over or feeling like you have a giant mouth guard in! Have sensitive teeth/gums? No problem- there’s a special solution just for you, too!

Enter to win your own or one for MOM! Worth $149!!

Learn more:


I’m sure Mom won’t care what you get her, as long as you make sure you show her you love her!


Thanks for reading! ❤️



Baby News and Busy Days + I’m HIRING!

It’s been a loooooong time, y’all!!

How in the world has so much time passed?!

Well, life has hit another level for us, and we will welcome baby brother Sawyer in August! We are thrilled that God chose us to do this child-raising thing… not once but twice! Thank you, Lord! What a responsibility.

Speaking of responsibility- it feels like I somehow gained 50 more in recent months and I’ve just laid low from blogging. I decided not to collaborate on several things and focus on my own business, Matilda Jane Clothing. Although it’s doing well, I realize that my body is constantly showing me signs that I need to slow down. If I’m not working my desk job, I’m doing my boutique. When I’m not working those, I’m doing the Mom and wife thing. Oh and someone has to do the piles of laundry! I know this is literally the life of every mom reading this but how many of us stop and think “There just HAS to be a better way to do all of this!”?

Um, me?!!! All the time. I’m sure I’m not alone here. 

I’ve decided I’ve got to hire help. I have to. Baby said so. 😉

If you are interested in finding out more about what I do, here’s a quick video to watch.

I’m available anytime by email to answer questions and would love to call you and explain more and go over startup costs. They are at an all time low right now- it’s honestly a great time to join me. This is my fun job and it is so enjoyable to share it with my little girl, we love receiving our new monthly trunks of clothing and ooohing and aaaaahing together. She even tries to coordinate things for me which is precious! 

Well, back to my coffee and Miralax. Yes, I really just typed that… Pregnancy is super glamorous! 😂

I have an upcoming Mother’s Day post for you all about Beauty Favorites for Mom! Cant wait to share and there will be a giveaway!🎉

Talk soon! 💋 

Join my VIP Matilda Jane page:


Fall Fun!

There’s really nothing to say about fall that another blogger or even THOUSANDS of bloggers haven’t already said. It’s all they say and more! PLUS- September is a big birthday month in my family including my own so that’s the whipped cream on top…

We are so excited that BellaRae is old enough this year to really express her joy(in full sentence form!) during the holidays so the first tradition on the list will be going to the pumpkin patch.

We would also love to go to the Country Living Fair in ATL but we are gonna have to wait and see on that!

We have completed many projects on our fixer upper but still lack having the garage-to-master-bedroom project done. It involves brickwork and apparently everyone is too busy to get back with us so we are waiting to get some estimates. Once the project is complete, our current(smaller) bedroom will become my Matilda Jane office/in home boutique. The set up has really taken over the living room and it just keeps GROWING! Nathan has done much complaining but it’s driving ME crazy! Probably just because I had really wanted to already have my “Matilda Jane room” set up by now!

Speaking of Matilda Jane, I started my fall season a little early(July Back to School release!) and I’m steadily gaining a following and even have my first vendor event this weekend!  I really really love selling something I really(like, REALLY) believe in. Feel free to join my VIP page on Facebook! I post outfit ideas, new items, deals, and giveaways there! I post daily(if not more, lol).

Here are some of my Fall release favorites so far:

Also, here’s a fun video from the Home Office- highlighting our new collection! Order any of these items at!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Smile Brilliant Whitening Update

Hi friends! It’s been a busy spring and this summer won’t get any slower for us! I started a side job that has proven to keep me super busy, but it’s so fun! More on that in my last post!

So, I was contacted by Smile Brilliant  to review their at home teeth whitening kit and I’m well into the last of my whitening gel so I thought I’d tell you guys how it’s going!


First, their system is completely custom- you send in your teeth impressions that you’ve made with materials they provide for you. It’s pretty easy, like anything else- read the directions carefully. You want to do everything in the right order.

Lay everything out in front of you before you start.

Combine white and blue putty

like this

and fold back and forth until both are combined. READ instructions to know how quickly you need to do this so the putty doesn’t start drying.

Fill the impression tray…

Put tray in your mouth and time yourself according to instructions.

Rinse! I laid mine out over night to dry before putting them in the mailer Smile Brilliant provided.

Then, after your impressions are completely set, you mail them back in a mailer they provide.

Smile Brilliant sent me an email as soon as they received my impressions and you can ask any questions at any time about the status by emailing or calling customer service. Luckily, I didn’t have time for questions since I received my trays so quickly! And they fit my mouth so perfectly!

Let’s talk application- also very easy but read directions! When it says to apply a thin line of gel….yes- it means a THIN line. Otherwise, your mouth will be full of gel! Trust me! Less is more here!

I left my custom-fitted trays in while I showered, cooked dinner, did laundry and watched Netflix! Not once did they feel uncomfortable! Some other reviewers said they didn’t have the “drool problem” but I tend to create unnecessary saliva by just thinking about unnecessary saliva. Yeah… But I will say that I didn’t feel gag-ish like some other whitening systems make me feel.

Now- on to my results! I am almost finished with 3 syringes of whitening gel and here are my results so far. I never realized how dark the streaks were in my teeth, but look how much better they are!

Much better!

I did not have to use the sensitivity gel but it is available if you have sensitive gums. I typically have whitened every other day and only when I used the whitening gel  two days in a row did I have some slight discomfort.

If you need a whitening system that is custom and has sensitivity options, then this is a great system for you! And you can use these custom-fitted whitening trays over and over!

Thanks, Smile Brilliant for helping me achieve a better, more BRILLIANT smile! Be sure to check out more teeth whitening reviews!

****GIVEAWAY**** Smile Brilliant is giving one of my readers a whitening kit worth $139 for FREE!

Enter the giveaway here! Also, use coupon code shellyorvis5 for 5% off your purchase!

My Matilda Jane Adventure

At the beginning of May, I opened up my Matilda Jane Boutique! I am so happy to be a Trunk Keeper for this company!

If you are wondering WHO Matilda Jane is….it’s more like “what”. My husband kept calling it Mary Jane so I know the confusion exists! LOL.

Matilda Jane Clothing is a boutique clothing company that offers high quality clothing for girls of all ages from baby to adult. The prints are fun and imaginative and the fabrics are butter soft. We love to mix and match our prints for endless outfit possibilities!

I would love the opportunity to tell you more and help you shop!

Here are a few ways to contact me:


Facebook Group: Shelly Orvis – Independent Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper #384659

And here’s where to shop:

I’m sure you will hear much more about this soon! Thanks for reading and I hope you will check it out!

p.s. Ask me about our May promo!


Denim Jumpers | Yes or No?

imageOk, so I’ve probably been under a rock but I’m just now noticing that denim jumper dresses are back. What?!

How do I feel about this? Well, I’m not even sure just yet. However, I have lovely pictures of my best friend and I in 3rd grade wearing ours. Oh man…

So I’m asking you all- will you share with me how you style your denim jumper dresses modestly? I’d love to do a follow up post in a few weeks and share your outfits for inspiration! Shoot me an email ( with “How I style my jumper dress” in the subject line and attach a high quality photo(s) and a note giving me permission to I can share it on my blog. I can’t wait to see how you style yours! ❤️

Have a great weekend girls!!



A Sweet (little) Valentine Dress Review – Denim and Ruffles Boutique

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! For most of my friends it’s a love it or totally hate it kind of holiday. I personally find it exhausting in all it’s commercialized ways.   At the same time I know what it should be about and try to focus on that!

I had the honor of collaborating with a fun new shop and I wanted to share them and their products as well as their story.

But first, here’s something I’ve been thinking about:

You think you know what love is. You think it’s about what people do for you as a kid, then it morphs into a butterfly feeling as a teenager and young adult, then you have a child. This is a love you never knew or fathomed before.

It wasn’t until I had a child that I truly understood God’s love for us as His children. Such a powerful realization for me.

Well this post isn’t about me but I wanted to share my thoughts really quick with you all!

Today I’m featuring Denim and Ruffles, a fun mom and daughter team who make high quality clothing for girls.

They were gracious enough to send my sweet girl a gorgeous Valentine themed dress and here are some shots of the dress.


I asked them to tell a little about themselves and their shop.

“Denim and Ruffles Boutique is your home for modest clothing for children. We believe strongly in our mission to serve Christ through modest dress and are dedicated to creating only the highest quality clothing for your little ones. You will find a wide selection of aprons, girls dresses, girls skirts, and boutique clothing for special occasions within our store. Our clothing is unique in that you can find both formal and casual wear in one location with the knowledge that you are purchasing exceptionally wholesome items.

Denim and Ruffles Boutique was started in February 2012 after I realized there was little in the way of modest dress for my children. I believe in strong moral values, but I also know that little girls like to feel pretty, and enjoy twirling around in bright colored fabrics. My two beautiful ladies are my inspiration, and while homeschooling them I reached an epiphany. If I wanted to teach them how to properly run a home the creation of clothing is an integral portion of those skills. With years of experience myself, I set about to create a business and an example for my children and other families that value modesty.

Bio about me:
I was raised in a Christian home. I received Christ as my personal Saviour when I was seven. I was privileged to grow up in a home where my mom was a seamstress and my grandmother was a quilter and made beautiful quilts. I loved being around all the beautiful fabric. My mom made most of our clothes when we were young. After I was married and had our first child I taught myself to make myself some dresses and then started sewing for my baby daughter.
My husband and I have been married for 27 years we have 4 children 2 daughters and 2 sons. Their ages are 23,21,19,17. I homeschooled all the children and still homeschooling our youngest daughter. When my oldest was still in high School we started working on a home course and teaching some of the different aspects of home economics classes. We decided to start a home business. My oldest daughter helps me by picking out the patterns and fabrics for the dresses and skirts and she also help run the shop and takes care of all the social media.”

Thank you so much Teresa and Jessica!

I can tell you that there is so much care and professionalism in our dress- I could tell right away. It’s adorable in every way. I would highly recommend Denim and Ruffles Boutique! Go visit them on Etsy and follow them on Instagram!

**They also gave me a discount code to share with my readers- use VALENTINE at checkout and get 15% off!**

Thanks again, ladies! ❤️

Holiday Product Spotlight with JORD Wood Watches

Tis the season and around here things are already starting to get busy! We are making progress on our fixer upper- floors are going down in part of the house and hardwoods are being stained in some rooms, paint will go on just after so we are excited to get this house done and move in! We just got back from a trip to visit family in Michigan for Thanksgiving and my MIL was kind enough to watch Bella Rae for me to go out shopping one day. I hadn’t been shopping in months and now I just want to go Christmas shopping all the time! If you are behind on gift buying like me and unsure of what to buy the people you love, I just might be able to help!

I recently had the privilege of receiving a little gift, myself- a gorgeous wood watch from JORD. Have you SEEN these watches?? So stylish and gorgeous! I love the fact that they are made from such a seemingly ordinary material. I think that’s the whole beauty of it. There are so many wood choices to choose from as well as face colors and sizes in men’s and women’s styles.

The very first thing I noticed when I opened the shipping box was the way the watch was packaged. It is gift giving ready! It comes in a well crafted wooden box with a drawer to hold all the extra links and cleaning cloth that were included.

This unique watch came ready to wear, custom sized to fit my wrist(I have a very small wrist). Make sure you select the watch sizing feature if you have trouble with watches sliding or being too tight.

The clasp on the back is very comfortable and easy to close- perfect for when your hurrying around in the morning!

These watches are not water resistant, so take care to keep them away from water. They can be cleaned/polished by rubbing a little lemon oil extract on with a soft cloth. Each watch comes with a 1 year warranty as well!






These watches are the real deal. You can tell it’s a great quality piece just by looking at it, but even more so when you are wearing it. I’m so happy with it and won’t hesitate to tell people to check out these cool watches.

JORD also has a treat for each of you! JORD is giving each of you a $25 e-gift code to use on their site. How nice is that? This will only be available to receive through 12/11/16 so hurry over by clicking here!

Here you can find all the details for the watch I’m wearing or check out all the women’s or men’s styles! Happy shopping – check out the engraving gift options while you’re there!


This post is sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

Cool Watches

Review | Sweet Lemon Thyme Fitness Skirt

About a month ago I found this super cute IG account that sold fitness skirts and I was pretty impressed with the selection and cute style. Introducing…. Sweet Lemon Thyme! Charity(the beauty AND brains behind the company) is in her words, “a health and fitness coach, meal prepper, marathoner, certified holistic nutritional health practitioner and passionate about educating others on health and nutrition.” She has created an extensive line of custom fitness skirts that are made of sweat resistant spandex and available in women’s and girls sizes.


I chose this crazy fun donut print because, well…. it’s fun! This skirt is super comfortable and breathable.


The stretch is awesome! And if you choose, this can even be a mid-thigh length skirt.


With the option to also have full length leggings, this is also a perfect running/exercise skirt for fall and winter.

So head over to Sweet Lemon Thyme and check out all the prints and options! Then come back and tell me how much you love these skirts!

Click here to view the Dolly’s Donut Fitness Skirt.

Have a lovely day, ya’ll!


Our Fixer Upper



As some of you know, we bought a house on July 20th! Not just a house but a fixer upper! We had been house hunting for months and this house was up for auction online. It was quite stressful to bid on a house like we were buying a item on Ebay. Kinda weird, too. The auction was extended a few times and that just made me more nervous. We both agreed on a final price and submitted it. We had prayed that if we weren’t meant to get this house that we would be outbid. Needless to say, we were the top bidder! There were many difficult paperwork obstacles over the next few weeks but it was very satisfying and exciting to sit down at that conference table and sign those papers. What are our long term plans for this house? If we like it enough, we will stay and enjoy it awhile. We bought it with reselling in mind so that will drive a lot of our remodel decisions.

Now for the demo details! This is what was done over the first two/three weeks.

We began demo with tearing out the front deck, mainly because “what is a front deck?”. Exactly. Underneath sits a red brick front porch. We are still undecided on the future porch situation.image2

Our next project was to tear out the kitchen. There had been a big leak in the kitchen so we tore the whole thing down to the studs. I got to help with tearing the paneling walls out- very gratifying.


Kitchen floor was completely rotted. Things aren’t always as they seem, huh?

The rotted section started under the sink(behind this section of wall) around pipes and went out a few feet from the wall. We had to replace everything around this section of the floor.image5

The same day we took out a hall wall.

image1 (4)

dining room side

image2 (4)

sunroom side

I was as excited as Joanna Gaines about taking that wall out! I took Nathan up on the offer to kick it down. So fun!


Here are the two LOVELY bathrooms we completely gutted:

image image

image image

This is what will become the master bath. Look at this wooden siding!

image1 (5)

We took it out of the bathroom, which was an add on to the house along with the garage, hence the siding, and we have a great project we will start soon with what we salvaged. I’m excited to show y’all!

Here are the three current bedrooms. We are keeping this original hardwood but will sand it down and stain it a darker color.




The garage is very small for use as a garage but could make a great master bedroom so that’s the plan. I’ll have more pictures of that room soon. When finished, we will have a 4 bedroom 2 bath home!  Coming from a one bedroom apartment to 4 bedrooms will be unreal.

I’ll have new pictures soon and we will start the fun stuff- putting this house back together and making it look brand new! Stay tuned!