For My Mama- A Mother’s Day Post

When I think about Mama, I think of her good example. I look back at the way she handled situations growing up and I can only hope if I was in her shoes I would do the same. My mother has taught me so much about life, being a Christian, and being a wife.  I was asked to say something about my Mama last year in front of the church, and needless to say I cried through the whole thing. In that moment I looked at that church and started my well-written little speech, I could only think of how great my Mama was and how blessed I was that I was born into her family! She sacrificed so much for us four kids, and I really didn’t know when I was growing up, just how much she must have sacrificed. I think she probably bought 1 new outfit for herself the whole time I lived at home. She always said, “I don’t care about buying for myself!”  I have lived 692 miles away from my mother and best friend for almost a year now. And I miss her so so much. I have to drink my coffee alone on Saturday morning and thrift store shopping just isn’t the same. (Note to Mama: Thrift store shopping is actually cool now. Lol. Even though I hated it when I was a kid, I think it’s pretty great now!) She is a Mama who believes in prayer, and reminds me often to take all my worries to God. Even my husband tells me sometimes that my Mama taught me some great things. I hope when I have children that I am just like her. I love you so much, Mama! Can’t wait to see you again!

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