Starting a new adventure!

As some of you know, my husband has been in school studying elementary education and is about halfway done. Well, God has opened the door for him to teach at a Christian school (BMCS) in Alabama! Better yet, the school I attended for 13 years and graduated from in 2006. We are very excited to start a new adventure in our lives and are trusting God to help us as we transition and make this move from Florida. My family will be ten minutes away as opposed to 12 hours, so as you can imagine I’m thrilled! Please pray for us as we become part the ministry there. My husband will be teaching and continuing to go to school so we will be busy, but we can do it with God’s help 🙂 Right now, my Etsy shop(The Pink Giraffe) is my only source of income so I will be focusing on it alot more, so just expect alot of Etsy posts in the future, lol.
Stay posted for updates and such:)



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