Tutorial: "Give Thanks" Burlap Banner for Fall

I have never done a tutorial, so please excuse my first attempt 🙂
I see banner and flags all over Etsy all the time, and I have really wanted to make my own for a while. Since I have alot, and I mean ALOT of random fabric scraps, I chose burlap for a natural look. You will probably want a solid color for the flags if you choose to paint letters on them like I did.
Materials needed:
Fabric for flags
Cardboard or thick paper- for pattern
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Yarn or twine
Craft paint and paint brush
**I used my Cricut and Opposites Attract cartridge to cut out my letters and then I used the paper I cut them from as a stencil. You can do the same or free hand if you are brave enough :)**
After your fabric is chosen, decide how big you want your flags. (I didn’t measure mine- I have an awful habit of not measuring, lol.) But, I DID make a pattern on a thick piece of cardboard to make sure every one matched in size. Cut out 11 flags.
After cutting the flags out, use your stencil and craft paint to paint on each letter of the words, “Give Thanks”. I skipped painting one flag in between these words just to give some extra separation.
Then, line up all your flags, including the blank one between the words. Measuring against the flags, cut a length of twine/yarn 1-2 feet longer and the flags.
Turn all flags over, letter side down. Hot glue the twine/yarn to the very top of all flags. I put my flags very close to each other, but it’s up to you as to how close you glue them. Let glue cool.
Now, your ready to embellish and hang! I used some leaves I picked up at the dollar store, and while it wasn’t my first choice, it does add to the fall theme I was trying to create 🙂
Hope this tutorial was easy to read……
Happy Fall!
Oh, and….
don’t forget to GIVE THANKS!

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