It’s the most wonderful time… of the year!

Anyone else feel like the cold weather and Christmas music snuck up on us?! It was back to school time and then, BAM!, it’s Christmas! Wow! I guess I also forgot how cold it can get in Alabama… Every morning I remember, though, as I’m shaking all over on my drive to work. (Of course, the heat kicks in just about the time I pull into the parking lot at work!) We travel to Michigan every year to be with Nathan’s family so we have lots of cold and snow to look forward to, lol.

Me and Mama have tried some Christmas crafts lately, and I really am starting to think we will NEVER get them done! We found out how time-consuming pine cone wreaths are! Whew! And boy, are those pine cones prickly. Between them and the hot glue burns…..haha.

       I did finish a couple things on my own though, and here is one of my painted wooden signs:

Joy to the World- Wooden Wall/Door Hanging //// Christmas Sign ///// Gift
And you can get one here from my Etsy shop 🙂
And new Christmas headbands:
Christmas Felt Flowered Headbands- Set of 2
They can be found here 🙂
And here is a door hanger I am taking custom orders for:
Personalized Initial Wall/Door Hanging for girl //// Gift //// Christmas //// Birthday
Found here!
I tried my hand at boutique bows and came up with several that I really like:
Check them out 🙂
Hope to blog again before Christmas, but if I don’t- have a Merry Christmas!
And remember the real Reason we celebrate!

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