Hello there…

Hi friends! So much to catch you all up on 🙂

I don’t think I’ve blogged since Christmas, so here goes.

I am in college(insert cheers) and will be certified in Medical Billing and Coding in October. Very excited to be done and certified! lol. I am still sewing and crafting, although lately it has all gone in my “craft fair” pile 🙂 This weekend is our 1st craft fair! Super excited! After that, everything made will be listed in the shop.

Nathan is still enjoying teaching, but probably more excited than the kids about summer 🙂 He has been such a Helpy Helperton since I started school- always doing laundry to help out and doing dishes, which I am the MOST grateful for! Lol. I hate me some dishes!

My days are so busy(hence no blog posts lately) but full of good things that keep me busy.
I have to admit my latest addiction is Polyvore.com. WHERE HAVE I BEEN!!??!

Follow me if you want, http://sorvis.polyvore.com/. I am totally addicted 🙂

Well, I’m off to Polyvore land for a few minutes, then to eat….

Btw, If you have any thoughts on the world of Medical Billing and Coding, I would love to hear!


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