Lilly Pulitzer Haul and Etsy Shop Update

In my last post I shared my wish list for the debut of Lilly for Target. Sad news is…. It was all sold out before I could even get it in my cart! I was quite sad since I’ve been looking forward to this for months! I’m not sure Target expected the huge response the collection received(judging by the fact that the site had a ton of problems that morning!). Thank goodness for good friends though- because even though I didn’t get anything for me, baby girl got 3 items! I will now find a matching dress online so that we can be twinsies like I originally planned! Big yay! (Now if anyone has the matching items, for a reasonable price- speak up! ) here’s her Lilly haul: 

Also wanted to share an Etsy shop update. 
I’ll be taking a “vacation” in a few weeks when the baby comes but everything currently in the shop will still be available to ship! I’m mainly taking a break from sewing since I don’t know how much(if any) extra time I will have.
I also want to start selling these cute dolls when I get back to my sewing! 
Well that’s what’s going on other than prepping for this baby(read my baby blog for more on that! Link on the top left sidebar!)


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