Tuesday morning thoughts

I guess it’s just that time of year again. That time that comes around every six months or so where I feel an overwhelming desire to be successful at something big. No, not so I can get glory or accolades, but just so I can feel that the cycle of dreaming, doing and finishing well has been completed. I’m not talking about following a dirty dish from sink to cabinet, or getting clothes from a hamper back to the closets and drawers- although most days these are my biggest accomplishments. I’m talking about dreams. Desires of our hearts. For me, my Etsy shop was always my outlet. Over time, situations have come up that have made it hard to put my everything into my shop. This has been a really frustrating thing for me. I feel like I could burst with ideas yet can’t figure out how to bring them to life due to well, life. Many times people have said to me, “You just THINK you are busy now- wait until you have kids!”. Well, I now have a very demanding, beautiful 9 week old and the same overflowing pocket full of ideas and dreams. In addition to all my creative ideas, I have such a burden/vision for ministry in my church. I feel like God gives us burdens for a reason and they are not meant to be carried alone yet I feel that everyone around me carries a heavy load as well so I’m hesitant to even share these thoughts with them. So, I’ll share here to get this off my mind. First, our youth ministry is so very important and is at the top of my list. God has specifically placed this on my heart. For over a year now, Nathan and I have juggled the leadership responsibilities back and forth due to his schooling and work schedule in the summer. Honestly, that’s been tough. Really tough for me being that I like structure and planning. Sometimes we wouldn’t know until Wednesday afternoon that his work was going to keep him away and I’d have to wing it for youth group. In my opinion, that should happen very very seldom if ever. I never feel that I can give it my all when I’m not fully prepared and being prepared matters alot to me. I have found myself praying for someone to come along that can be more involved, maybe someone who doesn’t have a family or a lot of responsibilities and can pour their heart into it. I know God has a reason we are where we are at this time. I know that He can also help us to be more effective in ministry and I’m trusting He will. I could go on and on with the ideas I have for ministry but they require a lot of work and more workers than are available. My prayer today is that God quiets my soul. That He helps me in doing what I’m already doing. That He makes a way for more workers to be available. That He helps me see that sometimes just the dishes and laundry are all I need to get done that day. That He would remind me I have a ministry in my own home. That He will fulfil the desires of my heart in His time. Lord, use me, wherever and however.

Thanks to whomever is reading this for letting me ramble. God is so faithful to us and I know He will help me in this area/season of my life. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Tuesday morning thoughts

  1. Courtnie says:

    So encouraging! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets overwhelmed as a new mommy (although I'm sure all mommas do ��). I have those days where just getting the laundry folded and the dishes put away before bedtime feel like my biggest accomplishments. Thanks for the reminder that just doing what we can right where we are is okay, while aspiring and seeking God about how to do more! I definitely needed this today.


  2. Emily Marsh says:

    I can relate so much it's scary! I love being a mommy, but sometimes, every so often, my dreams overwhelm me and a desire to do MORE – specifically for God's kingdom – consumes me. It's tough – I try to be content bc the work at home I am doing IS important. But, sometimes, my dreams carry me away….it's such a relief to know I'm not the only one! And Jonathan and I are sorta in the same place – we want to get involved and do more at church. Thanks for this!!!


  3. Elizabeth Williams says:

    I need this reminder like, every day lol! I always get caught up in everything I wish I could do or that I wish I could do better!


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