Summer Recap- Clothing Edition

I don’t claim to have superb fashion sense or even be “in style”, but I do love clothes and being able to dress in a way I can be happy and pleased with.

Having a baby can change many things in your life, including your size, so that usually means NEW clothes! This summer I didn’t buy many new items since I knew I would change sizes, but I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces that I was able to wear. As I’ve lost some of the baby weight I’ve expanded my wardrobe a bit more which I’ll be posting about in the coming weeks!
  I love to shop on the Jane app!) for most of my clothes lately. Boutiques run quick sales on the site and you get a really great deal on all kinds of wonderful clothes and home decor and more. It’s pretty addictive! I’ve saved a ton by shopping there! Another great and very similar site is, check it out as well!

Skirt bought from a boutique on \\ Cardigan from Target \\ Silver Shoes from Target
Gold foil polka dot shirt from a boutique on
I just happen to LOVE these gold flats that I paired with it, so I thought they deserved their own photo!
Shoes- Kelly&Katie bought at DSW
Can’t wait to post some fall fashion in the next few weeks! Happy weekend!

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