Extending the Grace of the Cross

I originally started this post several days ago, just wanting to post something encouraging. In a moment where it seemed all I could think of were the negative situations around me, the words “Jesus keep me near the Cross…” kept playing in my head.

What comes to your mind when you think of the Cross? My first thoughts were love, redemption, forgiveness and peace. Then God reminded me that these are the very things that we should be extending to others. The grace of the Cross. The grace that we need to show family, friends and even strangers. Even in the times where we think we’ve been wronged or are the “victim” of a situation. Especially then.

  • Love- shown to the most unlovable. God loved(loves) us as such unlovable beings. We don’t deserve that. But grace. Do we do that? Do we extend love to those we find unlovable and undeserving?
  • Redemption- Jesus bought us back because of His love for us. He could have said, “You really did me wrong. You’ve ignored me, turned me away and blamed me. I think you need to sit in your shame and think about what you’ve done.” But without hesitation He takes us back. Do we hesitate to “take others back”? It’s human to hurt. It’s human to feel wronged. It’s grace alone that can help us be like Jesus in these situations. 
  • Forgiveness- to fully forgive requires purity of heart. When the heart is pure, the mind stops recalling all the reasons why forgiveness can’t or shouldn’t happen. We start to see through eyes of grace- the same way Jesus looks at us when we come to Him for forgiveness.
  • Peace- Isn’t this what the world searches for? Don’t we all want a feeling that all is well deep down in our souls? Jesus offers that. But before we can have peace, our hearts have to be made pure by Jesus. By the Blood. Through the Cross. 
We should ask ourselves if we are really living a life of grace. Could we be more gracious in the way we handle…..well, life? Remember the grace that has been extended to us!

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