Review: eShakti Little Black Dress

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Eshakti to review a dress. If you already follow my blog, then you know that this was an honor, being that I already loved their dresses and have raved about them in the past. So, unlike my previous Eshakti posts, in this one I’ll breakdown the pros(and cons) of this company and their dresses for the sake of the review.
Let me start by explaining that Eshakti sells women’s clothing (shirts, dresses, skirts, pants…) that is customized. Totally customized. So if you are especially tall and have trouble finding clothing that isn’t too short- here’s a great solution! When you select your item, you are given the choice of selecting generic sizing(0-36W) OR giving exact measurements for your body. More on that later.
Selection, selection. 
There are so many pretty items to choose from on their site, and it would take hours to go through all the dresses alone. I’m totally OK with that. I love a wide selection. I went with a fully lined, simple little black dress with tulle “stripes”. Simple, yet could easily be dressed up.
I changed the length of my dress to just below the knee, the sleeves to be 3/4, and I selected the scoop neckline.
The site is very user friendly and my only wish is that as I am customizing my neckline, sleeves, and length, I’d love to see a preview. I selected a scoop neckline, not realizing that the back would scoop just as much. Although it’s not a deal breaker for me, someone else might really be disappointed. Again, if there was a preview option, I would have known before hand.
Another thing I should have been more careful about was my exact bust and waist measurements. I selected a general size 4 and being the small person I am, I really needed the top of the dress to fit more snug. So use ALL the custom size options for the best fit. I’m kicking myself.
The shipping was quick for a custom made item, only a little over a week. DHL requires that someone sign for your package so keep that in mind. Thankfully, I have a wonderful neighbor who signs for my packages(shoutout to Christianna!).
The prices range from around $35 to $105 for most dresses. There are also wedding dresses on the site that can be customized as well in the $400 to $700 range.
All in all, I am pleased with my experiences with Eshakti and would recommend to everyone! They also email coupon codes quite often so you can usually get an item for much less than the listed price.
Read on down for a $40 off coupon for you! And here’s my custom dress:
    Purse/ Shoes/ Watch: Charming Charlie
    Clutch: Charming Charlie | Shoes: Forever Young Shoes
Watch: Charming Charlie | Shoes: Wild Diva brand
And as promised, here is your coupon. Happy shopping!!

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