The Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe

I don’t know many people who don’t like sugar cookies. They are basic, yet delicious. By decorating and using flavorings and food coloring, a sugar cookie turns into a piece of art. Ok, maybe I took that a little far. But they are so fun to decorate, that I know for sure!

So I’m sharing my very favorite sugar cookie recipe with you all. Do you ever have to try a recipe more than once to get it right? Or it doesn’t turn out “like the picture”? This one is totally fool proof- even the kiddos can help! And no spreading in the oven! 
My extended family was together at Christmas and the weather was rainy so we decided to make sugar cookies. Even the guys joined in on the decorating! We won’t win any cookie decoration contests but we had fun coming up with things to put on the cookies. Here are a few of the cookies we decorated.


(A cookie decorated to look like one of her favorite characters from Monsters Inc.)
For our frosting, we just searched a royal icing recipe and quickly whipped it up and added our coloring. Turned out great! We used ziploc bags for the icing, alot less clean up!
So here’s the super duper recipe ! Enjoy!!

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