Tulle: What Dreams Are Made Of

Ok, so maybe not everyone’s dreams are made of tulle…but isn’t it lovely?
If you know me, you know I love all that sparkles. So naturally, I paired sequins with this light pink tulle skirt. (Want one? Details at the end of this post!)
Tulle is very versatile. Pair it with just about anything and ta-da! You have a super girly outfit! 
Yes, even rain boots!
Chambray + Tulle = Big Heart Eyes!

So here’s the details: 
Sequin top: ThredUp / Polka Dot Crop Sweater: Rue21 / Chambray Dot Button Down Top: J Crew
Skirt: Ebay  I’ve linked up the current tulle skirt page! I paid $10.99 shipped!
Ebay buying tips:

Look for buyers who have alot of sales and a very good rating.

Buying from international sellers will often be a cheaper route but takes longer to deliver. Also, refer to the first tip!
Have a lovely weekend ladies! Spring is just around the corner!

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