Polka Dot Chic

Happy Monday, my friends! Here’s a little polka dot fun to start the week off right.
What’s your first thought when you see polka dot anything? Well, my first thought is VINTAGE!
Second thought- Lucille Ball! (I asked the sun to shine just perfectly for these photos to tint my hair red! ;))
Seriously, though, I’m loving this reversible skirt from Apostolic Clothing. This is a very high quality skirt, the other side being solid black. If you are a slip wearing gal, you can skip the layers with this piece! This is definitely a new favorite skirt so I’m sure you will see it styled a few more ways in the coming weeks and months. 
Do you follow me on Instagram? If not, check out shelly_orvis_blog, where I post daily outfits and general fashion tidbits. And there will be a giveaway starting tonight 2/22!

And now, I’ll leave you all with this….
two of my favorite polka dot styling ladies!


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