Spring Beauty unBoxing

If you are looking for a box subscription that is worth every penny and full of products that you will actually be able to afford once the promo item runs out, then I’ve got the perfect subscription for you!

I’ve often wanted to try the popular subscription boxes but they are mainly filled with brands I can’t afford on a regular basis or too many items that I don’t use. **Someone has to be with me on this!**

However, I do love the idea of trying new products so I thought I’d try a “basic” box. Here’s how it works: sign up at beautybox.walmart.com and you will receive a box 4 times a year. One box every season. You only pay 5 bucks!

I’ll be “unboxing” the spring beauty box for you in this post.

image1 (1)

Pretty spring box!


image2 (1) image3 (1)

I’m going to quickly highlight the things I tried!

image2 (3)

This CeraVe Healing Ointment feels petroleum jelly-like. I’ve been using it at night on a really dry spot and it seems to be helping!

image2 (2)

This sample of Vera Wang “Embrace” is a sweet smelling perfume that reminded me a bit of “Fantasy” by Britney Spears. If you like sweet smells, you will love it!

image1 (3)

This! I was totally expecting a small, travel size tube of toothpaste. Nope. It was a generous size and will last a few weeks! Score!


This Curel Itch Defense Body Wash came at a good time. I used a sunless tanner and had an allergic reaction(bad. hives.). I’ve been itching continuously for over a month. I’ve realized the irritation of shaving hasn’t let my legs heal, so I’ve been using this as a shaving cream. I’ve seen a big difference. Great for anyone with super dry, itchy skin!

image3 (3)

I have a few other things left to try and looking forward to it! (I’ll be giving the Jergen’s Natural Glow to a friend to avoid more allergic reactions! I seem to be allergic to every brand of sunless tanner including organic. It’s a real bummer!)

To sum it up, I always feel like I get my money’s worth and more from these boxes. Besides the products, I always get coupons to try new products. I often get full size deodorants and they are often worth $5.oo alone. A few times I’ve received things I’d never use, such as a mini bottle of black fingernail polish a few boxes back. It will probably end up being used in a “craft project” or something. 😉

p.s. if you travel alot, the sizes included in these boxes are PERFECT for dropping in your cosmetic bag!

Shipping Schedule

Winter Starting the second week of December

Spring Starting the second week of March


Summer Starting the second week of June

Fall Starting the second week of September


So go sign up and try it out! Let me know if you have any questions or if you are subscribed already and what you think about it!




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