Blushing Blue: PinkBlush Dress

This isn’t and never will be a fancy blog. More like a comfy set of pajamas assortment of pretty things with a warm cup of coffee real life.

So my posts here are pretty basic. No confetti and streamers are needed to tell you how amazing this dress from is! It’s just a real life, comfy, functional dress with enough elegance that it could be worn for a special occasion and church. These days I am hauling the little on on my hip one minute and chasing her down the next, up and down all day. I wore this dress all day this past Sunday and it passed the “wrangle-the-baby” test! Even made it through a spilled bottle. (Can you see it? That’s because a warm wet washcloth was all it took to clean blue1



PinkBlush is a maternity and women’s company that offers all kinds of clothing and (super cute)shoes! I even spotted a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag on the site. You should definitely check them out!


Stay tuned for my Mother’s Day post coming up, Things I’ve Learned In My First Year of Motherhood!



6 thoughts on “Blushing Blue: PinkBlush Dress

  1. Vanes a says:

    I’m loving this dress! Considering ordering one! (I love their exchange policy if you want change size/color) It looks beautiful on you! ๐Ÿ˜„


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