Kate Spade Flamingo Looks For {Way} Less

Girls! I was in the Kate Spade store over the weekend and I was probably drooling all over my shirt at the cute designs in both clothes and bags. There is a huge flamingo trend everywhere right now and Kate Spade does not disappoint(as usual. duh.). Look at this beauty!


And cute matching bag!


I grit my teeth as I turned down my husbands offer to buy me a purse. That’s right, ladies. I said no. At this point in my life it would be a near sin to spend that much money on a purse. It would be a different story if it was bonus time at work but there are a few months to go and I’d hate to know that I had to stay home every weekend for the next few months over a purse. (Blech!)

Soooooo, I was browsing through Instagram and saw a lovely dress very similar to the one from Kate Spade so I thought I’d share this “look for less”. And I’ll even give you a breakdown of how much you can save!

Here’s a cute flamingo number from chicwish.com :


(And if it’s a little short for your taste, add a cute dress extender!)

And of course- a matching bag(Walmart)!k2-_6727156e-7333-4cd9-b484-b14a99e1babc.v1

Ok, so here’s the break down:

Kate Spade Flamingo Dress- Reg. price $428.00

Kate Spade Flamingo Bag- Reg. price $379.00

Total: $807.00 plus tax

Chicwish Flamingo Dress : Reg. price $69.90

Walmart Flamingo Tote: Reg. price $22.95

Total: $ 92.85 plus tax

Savings: $715 for the win!!!

I’ve linked the items above so you can check them out for yourself.

Thank me later! 😉


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