Review | HydroChic Modest Swimwear and Active Wear

It’s unofficially summer here as temperatures are crazy hot and I basically only go to and from my roasting car these days! I know others of you have said it’s super hot where you live as well, so I guess we will suffer through the heat together!

With summertime heat comes beach vacations and days by the pool so there’s no better time to show you this swim/activewear from HydroChic swimwear!

If you are reading this with a “Becky” look on your face(a.k.a. snob face), then just hear me out. I never thought much about modest swimwear since I always seemed to think you just wore a swimsuit and covered it up with layers of clothes to make it modest. I’ve had more non-conservative opinions on swimsuits in the past and I’ve wanted to change that. Here’s what I love about HydroChic: Let’s give the modesty levels a 1-10 gauge, 1 being least coverage and 10 being most coverage. You can choose what you want. Mine was somewhere around a 7. 😉 And you can mix and match pieces. There are skorts, mid-thigh shorts, above knee skirts and long skirts. For tops the options range from long sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, to sports bra. There are also swim “dresses”(think tennis dress). And any of these are perfect for the gym or gym class for those of you still in school. I love all the options.

PicMonkey Collage


I chose my outfit based solely on the activewear aspect. Something I could run in if I, ya know, got the urge to start running or something! Seriously, though, I wanted something for activity. The plus was the fact that I could get it completely wet and it would dry quickly and the range of motion is huge! Nothing weighing you down or holding you back from moving your legs. (If you swim in a regular everyday skirt- the Lord bless you, but it’s a bit dangerous not to be able to move your legs. I’m just saying.)



Quality? Superb. UPF rating of 50+.( Sizing ranges from girls to 4X!  Oh, and there are secret pockets for stashing stuff in your clothes- keys or whatever. I have a cool zipper pocket on the back of my shirt!

Over all, I’m super pleased with it! I hope you will head over to HydroChic and check out all the options! And stay cool! 🙂




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