Floral Skirt For All Seasons

Whew! Happy weekend, girls! We made it!

I’m ready for a beach trip with no schedule. Just relaxation! I’ll keep dreaming.

Let’s get right to the good stuff- I want to show you this gorgeous skirt from Mod.Posh. So pretty, right??!

I was thrilled with the fit- it’s a one size fits all with elastic(but tasteful) back and zipper. It’s a great mid weight fabric that’s  still light enough for summer. I absolutely love it!! I can’t wait to wear it into the fall and winter as well!

I’d highly encourage you to check out Mod.Posh….like, right now! 😉 You will love the clothes!

Have a great weekend, girls!



2 thoughts on “Floral Skirt For All Seasons

  1. Patricia says:

    I love that skirt! You can use it anytime of the year it seems. I usually wear flats with all my skirts cause I’m horrible with heels but love the style!


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