Our Fixer Upper



As some of you know, we bought a house on July 20th! Not just a house but a fixer upper! We had been house hunting for months and this house was up for auction online. It was quite stressful to bid on a house like we were buying a item on Ebay. Kinda weird, too. The auction was extended a few times and that just made me more nervous. We both agreed on a final price and submitted it. We had prayed that if we weren’t meant to get this house that we would be outbid. Needless to say, we were the top bidder! There were many difficult paperwork obstacles over the next few weeks but it was very satisfying and exciting to sit down at that conference table and sign those papers. What are our long term plans for this house? If we like it enough, we will stay and enjoy it awhile. We bought it with reselling in mind so that will drive a lot of our remodel decisions.

Now for the demo details! This is what was done over the first two/three weeks.

We began demo with tearing out the front deck, mainly because “what is a front deck?”. Exactly. Underneath sits a red brick front porch. We are still undecided on the future porch situation.image2

Our next project was to tear out the kitchen. There had been a big leak in the kitchen so we tore the whole thing down to the studs. I got to help with tearing the paneling walls out- very gratifying.


Kitchen floor was completely rotted. Things aren’t always as they seem, huh?

The rotted section started under the sink(behind this section of wall) around pipes and went out a few feet from the wall. We had to replace everything around this section of the floor.image5

The same day we took out a hall wall.

image1 (4)

dining room side

image2 (4)

sunroom side

I was as excited as Joanna Gaines about taking that wall out! I took Nathan up on the offer to kick it down. So fun!


Here are the two LOVELY bathrooms we completely gutted:

image image

image image

This is what will become the master bath. Look at this wooden siding!

image1 (5)

We took it out of the bathroom, which was an add on to the house along with the garage, hence the siding, and we have a great project we will start soon with what we salvaged. I’m excited to show y’all!

Here are the three current bedrooms. We are keeping this original hardwood but will sand it down and stain it a darker color.




The garage is very small for use as a garage but could make a great master bedroom so that’s the plan. I’ll have more pictures of that room soon. When finished, we will have a 4 bedroom 2 bath home!  Coming from a one bedroom apartment to 4 bedrooms will be unreal.

I’ll have new pictures soon and we will start the fun stuff- putting this house back together and making it look brand new! Stay tuned!



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