Review | Sweet Lemon Thyme Fitness Skirt

About a month ago I found this super cute IG account that sold fitness skirts and I was pretty impressed with the selection and cute style. Introducing…. Sweet Lemon Thyme! Charity(the beauty AND brains behind the company) is in her words, “a health and fitness coach, meal prepper, marathoner, certified holistic nutritional health practitioner and passionate about educating others on health and nutrition.” She has created an extensive line of custom fitness skirts that are made of sweat resistant spandex and available in women’s and girls sizes.


I chose this crazy fun donut print because, well…. it’s fun! This skirt is super comfortable and breathable.


The stretch is awesome! And if you choose, this can even be a mid-thigh length skirt.


With the option to also have full length leggings, this is also a perfect running/exercise skirt for fall and winter.

So head over to Sweet Lemon Thyme and check out all the prints and options! Then come back and tell me how much you love these skirts!

Click here to view the Dolly’s Donut Fitness Skirt.

Have a lovely day, ya’ll!



2 thoughts on “Review | Sweet Lemon Thyme Fitness Skirt

  1. Bethany Lotulelei says:

    I love the donut print!! I just ran my first 10K yesterday (I ran a bunch of 5ks and half-marathons in high school, but haven’t really run anything for the last five years), and I wore leggings with a swimming skirt. It worked pretty well, but I could imagine that this combo would be a lot more comfortable and less heavy.

    I am now following this company, and there are so many adorable prints! How will I ever choose? I need them all! Thanks for the review, and I will definitely be following your blog from now on. 🙂

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    • shellyorvis says:

      Kudos to you for all your 5k’s and this recent 10k! I’ve only done two 5k’s and I wouldn’t say I was very “athletic”! I try. 😉 Yes, aren’t the designs amazing?! And it’s very light, I think it would feel much more breathable to wear one of these!! Thank you so much for reading and following! 💕💕


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