Smile Brilliant Whitening Update

Hi friends! It’s been a busy spring and this summer won’t get any slower for us! I started a side job that has proven to keep me super busy, but it’s so fun! More on that in my last post!

So, I was contacted by Smile Brilliant  to review their at home teeth whitening kit and I’m well into the last of my whitening gel so I thought I’d tell you guys how it’s going!


First, their system is completely custom- you send in your teeth impressions that you’ve made with materials they provide for you. It’s pretty easy, like anything else- read the directions carefully. You want to do everything in the right order.

Lay everything out in front of you before you start.

Combine white and blue putty

like this

and fold back and forth until both are combined. READ instructions to know how quickly you need to do this so the putty doesn’t start drying.

Fill the impression tray…

Put tray in your mouth and time yourself according to instructions.

Rinse! I laid mine out over night to dry before putting them in the mailer Smile Brilliant provided.

Then, after your impressions are completely set, you mail them back in a mailer they provide.

Smile Brilliant sent me an email as soon as they received my impressions and you can ask any questions at any time about the status by emailing or calling customer service. Luckily, I didn’t have time for questions since I received my trays so quickly! And they fit my mouth so perfectly!

Let’s talk application- also very easy but read directions! When it says to apply a thin line of gel….yes- it means a THIN line. Otherwise, your mouth will be full of gel! Trust me! Less is more here!

I left my custom-fitted trays in while I showered, cooked dinner, did laundry and watched Netflix! Not once did they feel uncomfortable! Some other reviewers said they didn’t have the “drool problem” but I tend to create unnecessary saliva by just thinking about unnecessary saliva. Yeah… But I will say that I didn’t feel gag-ish like some other whitening systems make me feel.

Now- on to my results! I am almost finished with 3 syringes of whitening gel and here are my results so far. I never realized how dark the streaks were in my teeth, but look how much better they are!

Much better!

I did not have to use the sensitivity gel but it is available if you have sensitive gums. I typically have whitened every other day and only when I used the whitening gel  two days in a row did I have some slight discomfort.

If you need a whitening system that is custom and has sensitivity options, then this is a great system for you! And you can use these custom-fitted whitening trays over and over!

Thanks, Smile Brilliant for helping me achieve a better, more BRILLIANT smile! Be sure to check out more teeth whitening reviews!

****GIVEAWAY**** Smile Brilliant is giving one of my readers a whitening kit worth $139 for FREE!

Enter the giveaway here! Also, use coupon code shellyorvis5 for 5% off your purchase!


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